Motto for the Year 2020-21: ‘Laudato Si’, On Care for Our Common Home.


The goal of the Gurukul is to facilitate the integral growth of the students by imparting human, spiritual, intellectual and missionary formation to enable them to become more effective witnesses of Jesus & apostolically committed persons. Good missionaries need to be strong physically, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually and morally.
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Vishwa Jyoti Gurukul (VJG), the Institute of Philosophy and Religion of the Indian Missionary Society (IMS), traces its origin back to 1944 when philosophy was taught at Christnagar for the first time to the candidates of the newly established Society. In July 1985 the Gurukul opened its doors for the first time to students other than its own. Thereafter the Gurukul has been admitting students every year from various dioceses and religious Congregations according to the availability of seats. The Gurukul has a capacity for a maximum of 85 students and in recent years there are students from around 25 dioceses and a few Religious Societies besides the IMS.
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  • Fr. Pinto

    "Be like Water, When stones are there in its path, water rises above the stones and flows. So you also rise above the obstacles in life and flow over them".

  • Msgr Jos Fernandez

    "When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope thatI would not have a single bit of talent left and could say, I used everything you gave me".