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Pongal 2022 Students celebrated Pongal the national feast of Tamil Nadu

Seniors get together Senior members get together with prayer and a meal

Deepavali Celebration 2022 We decorated our house with diyas, and had prayer meeting

Students get together 2022-23 brother gathered to share joys and sorrows

Students Outing to Ganges Students visited Ganges, and Ghats

Christmas Tree 2022 VJG celebrated Christmas Tree on 28 December 2022

Seminar 2 A veteran missionary addressed our students

Christmas Celebration 2022 VJG celebrated Christmas with Vigil Mass and all day many people from our neighborhood came to this campus to pay homage to infant Jesus. Our students conducted many games and lucky draws. Thanks to JVS for sponsoring Bicycle as the first prize. We thank all other sponsors, like Jaiswal Electricals, Mahatama Gandhi Adarsh Vidyalya and others

Matridham annual Satsang Matridham Ashram conducted annual Satsang from 11 to 13 November 2022. Our students helped in bicycle stand, cleaning the Ashram premises and distribution of food.

Society Day Celebration 2022 Indain Missionary Society's foundation day was celbrated on 3 November 2022. Celbration included Solemn Holy Eucaharistic celebration, our Superior General Rev. Fr. Presenraj IMS was the main celebrant. we had a beautiful Cultural evening and festive meal.

Karam Feast 2022 On 9 October 2022, Our students celebrated the Chota Nagpur native feast Karam. We had Solemn Holy Eucharist, Cultural celebration and festive meal

Transitus 2022 Our Franciscan students conducted Transitus in commemoration of St. Francis of Assisis' farewell from this world to eternity.

Seminar Our Students presented a seminar on Budhisam on 4 October 2022

Music Exam 2022 Our students attended the Music exam conducted by Preyaga samiti

Onam 2022 Kerala national festival Onam was celebrated in VJG on September 10, 2022. We had solemn Holy Eucharistic celebration praying for the entire country, Varanasi Childline director Fr. Majo IMS was the main celebrant. then we had onam festive meal.

Teachers day 2022 Teachers day was celebrated on 5 September 2022. Dr. Surabhi was the chief guest

SML Inauguration 2022 SML activities for the year 2022-23 was inaugurated on September 4, 2022. Rev. Sr. Joan MC was the chief guest

Viyani Day 2022 We had solemn Holy Eucahristic celebration and short cultural evening. Rev. Fr. Renjit IMS, Benipur parish priest was the chief guest

Jubilee Celebrations VJG Celebrated the 75 Birthday of Rev. Fr Vijairaj IMS and 25 Ordination anniversary of Rev. Fr. Alok Nag IMS on 13.03.2021

Grotto in VJG Thanks to many people who generously contributed to finish this task

MSFS visit MSFS Novices visited VJG and had Vollie ball match with VJG brothers

Visit by Theresapoor brothers Brothers from Theresapoor visited VJG and had Voliball match with VJG brothers

Republic day 2021 VJG celebrated the Republic day with prayer and flag hosting

MC Children visit Mother Teresa sisters with their handicapped and orphan children visited VJG

Staff Outing The staff of VJG had a free outing to our mission stations Beetri and nadaganj

Send off to third Year brothers Send off to third year brother of 2020-21

Comprehensive Exam for the year 2020-21

Christmas 2020 Due to Pandemic celebration was just limited to community only

Christ the King Feast 2020 On the feast day of Christ the King, Special prayer was done for Christnagar and entire building was blessed on the same day

Ordination of Deacon Pregyan Due to lockdown ordination of Deacon Pregyan was held on Sepetember 2020 at V>J>G Christnagar

Society Day 2020 Due to Covid 19 situation this year we limited our Foundation day to a simple way

Feast of TOR 2020 Our TOR brothers led the entire community through the experience of Transictus (Death of St. Francis of Assisi)

Independence day 2020 This year due to covid 19 lockdown we had to limit the Independence day celebration within community itself. we were unable to go to visit village for celebration

Onam Celebration 2020 Onam is the national feast of Kerala. as as community celebrated it with Holy Mass as traditional Kerala style meal

Feast of John Mary Viyani 2020 St John Mary Viyani is the patron saint of all priests. we as a community celebrated this feast with at most devotion and with cultural evening

SML Inauguration 2020-21 Students Mission League is part and parcel of VJG

Schola Brevis 2020-21 Inauguration of the Academic year 2020-21

Welcoming First Years 2020 Had a short gathering and some fun.......

Holy Week Celebration 2020 This year all the liturgical practices of Holy Week we had it as community celebration

Send of Mr Renjit He served our community as a driver and elder brother for so many years

Annual Picinic 2019-20 We went to Rajdhari and Devadhari spots for our picinic on 15.02.2020.

75 Birthday of Bro. Nirmal IMS An Ordinary Religious, Doing Ordinary things with extra ordinary Charism. Birthday was celebrated on 08.02.2020

Flowers from Christ Garden these photos are taken from our garden

Philosophers' day 2020 We celebrated the international Philosophers day on 28 January 2020. Morning we had spiritual celebration evening we had cultural celebration

Republic day Celebration 2020 We prayed for our mother India and with honour to our mother India we hoisted our National flag. Fr. Praveen Ofm Cap was the chief guest

Pongal celebration 2020 We celebrated the feast of Pongal on 18.01.2020

Christmas Celebration 2019 We had Christmas celebration with various activities On 25 Dec. Mela in Christnagr. Prizes like Bicycle, Ceiling fan, Iron box, Plastic stand for lucky draw gave color to mela. about 5000 people came to receive blessing from Infant Jesus. From 25 to 27 we helped in Cathedral mela as volunteer On 28 we had family Christmas get together, in this we had exchange of unique Christmas gift ie. flower plant.

Spiritual Orientations We had different spiritual talks in different times for our spiritual growth.

Seminars and Debate 2019-2020 In the academic year 2019-2020 we had organized different seminars and debates on Social Philosophical topics

Ashram Convention 2019 Matridham Ashram had its convention from November 8 to 10. Our brothers under the banner of SML gave their service at bicycle stand and for food distribution

Society Day 2019 IMS celebrated its 78 birthday with Competition, Prayer service and cultural program on 3 November 2019

International Girls Child day 2109 International Girls child day was celebrates in VJG with the collaboration of SML and JVS Benipur on 12 October 2019 near about 800 girls from different schools and from near by villages participated in it

Onam Celebration 2019 Kerala's national festival Onam was celebrated in VJG Christnagar with a meaningful Eucharistic celebration and a meal in Kerala style on 13 September 2019

Street plays Our students formed a team and went to different villages with a street play having the theme "Need of Cleanliness."

Independence day Celebration 2019 On August 15, we celebrated our country's Independence day. We prayed specially for our country, its leaders. Showing respect to our country we hoisted the National Flag. After that our students went to different villages and spread the feeling of Patriotism hoisted the National Flags in villages with children of the villages.

John Mary Viyani day 2019, Augast 4, on the feast of St. John Mary Viyani was celebrated with lots of prayer and cultural evening

Students Orientation Orientation for the students of 2019-20 were conducted from 1 to 3 July 2019. Resource person was Rev. Fr. Pranoy IMS

Schola Brevis 2019 - 20 Schola Brevis for the academic year 2019-20 was held on 4 July 2019. Schola Brevis started with Eucharist Celebration. The Superior General of IMS, Rev. Fr. Mahendra Paul IMS was the main celebrant. Fr. Mahendra Paul IMS was the chief guest of the gathering. Rev.Fr. Pranoy IMS presented a paper on Triniterian aspect of Spirituality.

Welcoming New Comers 2019-20 Welcoming of new comers for the academic year 2019-20 were held on 3 July 2019. we are blessed with 41 students.

Staff Orientation 2019-20 Orientation for the staff of both VJG & CTC was held on 27 & 28 June. Resource person was Rev. Dr. Neetibhai IMS

SOLAR PROJECT We were blessed with 70 KW On grid solar project. We are greatful to Rev.Fr. Snehanand IMS, whose hard work could get finance for it. Thanks to MissioAahen, Germany for sponsoring it

SML Concluding day 2018-19 Fr. Majo, the assistent director, Childline Varanasi, was the chief guest of the day.

Send off for third year brothers on 29.03.2019 Third Year students had their comprehensive exam, Eucharistic celebration and Cultural evening

Visit by Major Superiors Cardinals, Bishops, Major superiors who were attending national seminar in Varanasi made a visit to Christnagar, IMS mother house. we gave a warm welcome to all of them and hoisted a diner for them.

House Picinic 2018-19 Both staff and students went for a house picinic to Lakhaniya Dheri on 23 February 2019. Good water fall a place to enjoy the beauty of nature

Sremdhan by SML The leagurs of SML rendered their service to construct a house for Mr. Prakash and family in Dandapoor village on 21.02.2019

Ashreya Inmate visit to VJG Mentally challenged inmates of Ashreya along with Rev Sisters and staff visited on 10.02.2019

Philosophers day 2019 Rev. Fr. Jibin was the main celebrant for the Holy Eucharist, Rev. Fr. Neetilal IMS was the chief guest for the cultural evening

New Year Celebration 2018 This year VJG parivar had a unique new year celebration. We the staff and students spend whole day with children from M.C sisters, shivapoor

Christmas Celebration 2018 We had Christmas Mela with lots of games, food items, puppet show and Christmas tree.

Blood Donation Camp 2018 In preparation for Christmas on 21 December VJG students and staff donated their blood to BHU Blood bank. Thanks to Dr. S.K Sing, Dr. Ahutosh and all the other staffs

Seminar Seminar on "What is 'Indian' in Indian Philosphy" Resource person was Prof C.D. Sebsatian from IIT Bombay

Society day 2018 We celebrated our 77 birthday of IMS on 3 November 2018. we had Eucharistic celebration, Homage to the founders, Basketball ball match between staff and students, cultural evening and fellowship meal

Talent Hunt 2018 Competition on stage as well as outdoor conducted for the students

Karma Celebration 2018 It is a festival celebrated by tribals from Jharkhand

SML Inauguration 2018-19 Prayer Service, Flag hosting, Cultural program on 7 July 2018, Chief guest was Fr. Abishek Salesh IMS

Staff Orientation 2018-19 On 26 June 2018 Resource person was Fr.Subashanand