About Vishwa Jyoti Gurukul


Vishwa Jyoti Gurukul (VJG), the Institute of Philosophy and Religion of the Indian Missionary Society, traces its origin back to 1944 when philosophy was taught at Christnagar for the first time to the candidates of the newly established Society. In July 1985 the Gurukul opened its doors for the first time to students other than its own. Thereafter the Gurukul has been admitting students every year from various dioceses and religious Congregations according to the availability of seats. The Gurukul has a capacity for a maximum of 85 students and in recent years there are students from around 25 dioceses and a few Religious Societies besides the IMS.

Vision & Mission

It is a formation centre of the catholic church patterned after the Indian traditional Gurukula system where young students are helped to grow in an atmosphere of freedom to deepen their commitment to faith, and traditional Indian values of satya, ahimsa (universal love and compassion), brahmacarya, asteya (respect for the lives and property of all; it includes a sense of justice and fairness towards all), aparigraha (renunciation).

Aim & Objective

The Society is established for charitable, educational and academic purposes with following objects namely:

  • To administer and run an academic institution under the name and style of Vishwa Jyoti Gurukul Society for the study of Philosophy, Culture and Religion and provide residential facilities for training, education and academic facilities such as library, study and research materials.
  • To hold and to conduct regular classes, lectures, symposiums, and seminars and to arrange and grant scholarship freeships and other educational activity.
  • To offer facilities of such training to persons, institutions and other bodies accepted and approved from time to time by the Governing Body.
  • To offer facilities to promote Indian cultural and spiritual traditions in view of achieving mutual understanding and appreciation among various spiritual traditions for national integration from the point of view of education.
  • To promote in general devotion for humanitarian causes, particularly by founding of educational institutions without regard to caste or creed.
  • To provide residential accommodation in order to educate and train students, staff and other personnel to achieve the purpose of the Society, giving scholarships, freeships and assistance to those who are economically or otherwise poor.


Vishwa Jyoti Gurukul Logo

1. Logo – Text: -

‘JYOTIRVISHWASMAY BHUVANAY KRINAVAN’ = ‘Let the light Shine to the Whole Universe’. VJG stands for spreading the light of wisdom to its students and through them to the whole universe. Philosophies, Religions, and sciences are expressions of human quest for Light and Wisdom. Our curriculum and syllabus is an attempt to spread this light and the very name of the Gurukul as Vishwa Jyoti too stands for it.

2. Symbols of Major Religions: -

Symbols of Major Religions indicated in our Handbook and Calendar and in our corridors manifest our openness to all the religious traditions and religious faiths and our inclusive approach to all people of good will.