Exposure Program

A certain level of ability to transcend oneself and to be concerned about the whole of creation; the ability to reach out and ‘build human communities based on gospel values’ following the example of Jesus who came ‘not to be served but to serve’ and to give one’s life for others in the society without any forms of discrimination.

The Students Missionary League (SML), which is a unique feature of the Gurukul, organizes and co-ordinates various apostolic activities and programs for practical experience of the students. The SML enables its members to enter into dialogical contact with the social, religious and cultural life of the people. In this way as well as through encounters and studies on relevant contemporary topics, the League fosters the students’ apostolic zeal and broadens their vision.

   Visiting neighbouring villages.

   Family Visits.

   Giving tution for the children.

   Adult literacy classes.

   Promotion of primary health & hygiene.

   Arranging Bhajan Mandali.

   Street Plays.

   Sports & games for youth, children.

   Girls child day celebration.

   Differently abled day.

   Womens Day Celebration.

   Independance Day Celebration.

   Christmas Mela.

   Blood Donation.

   Introducing to different ministery.

   Collaboration with different NGOs & SHG groups.

    These exposures help the leaguers to have closer personal interaction with the villagers and learn their language, customs and manners as well as to assist the villagers in some ways. The leaguers also conduct outing to Varanasi city from time to time to acquaint themselves with various ashrams and other places and institutions of cultural and religious significance; they also participate in some of the social programs in the city to promote inter-religious dialogue, eco-care, flood relief, etc. Through fast and abstinence during Advent and Lent they collect a fairly large sum of money with which to help poor students to study as part of their social commitment. This effort is further augmented with their collaborative effort with ‘Mother’s Care,’ an NGO that promotes the education of poor rural children.

    Literary and cultural activities include presentation and discussion of essays on cultural and religious topics as well as discussions with missionaries and leaders of different religions who are invited to the Gurukul for the same purpose. Recognizing the importance of effective public speaking the VJG also organizes workshops on public speaking to enable the students to discover and cultivate their talent in this regard. The League members also take initiative in organizing the celebration of important national and religious festivals along with our neighbours.